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Networking technology touches our lives in many facets. It's how we communicate with our cell phones, smart phones, computers and many more aspects of everyday life. We are most familiar with networking of our computers and now we have smart TVs and other "smart" devices. Our homes are now becoming smart homes through network based thermostats and power management devices. All of this requires a network and Internet connection. We at DCS Technologies LLC recognized the need for stable and reliable networks, whether in your business or personal life. We use affordable and high quality equipment designed to keep you connected, and that's what it's all about, right?
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Business Networking

Networking in the business environment is basically 2 types, wired and wireless. That is just the infrastructure. The big question is how is that network managed?
In a basic network, the management is done by a router. These range in price from $39 on up and depending on your requirements, a router may be all you need. A commercial grade firewall is recommended for any business, not only to keep you safe and secure but also to efficiently manage your network traffic. We have seen impressive performance increases by simply upgrading from a typical router to a commercial firewall.
Taking this one step further is an on-premise active directory/domain controller (server). An AD/DC is the most flexible network controller on the market.



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